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Meet Angi

I am running because we are not being represented by our current leaders. As a mom, community leader, and a small business owner, I want decisions to be made with me, my family, and my neighbors in mind - not the popular culture war of the day. 

As your Representative, I will fight for your interests and my door will always be open. I am committed to leading with integrity, compassion, truth, and reason, and will always defend our freedom and democracy.


I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur and small business owner, community volunteer, and now the Democratic candidate for
House District 122.

I am running to represent our District because I care deeply about this community and want to ensure we all have the same opportunities for success.

My promise is to approach all issues reasonably, working across the aisle to solve the big problems that affect our everyday lives - not fighting culture wars. This means negotiating for lower prescription and healthcare costs, fully funding education and not sending our tax dollars to private schools, protecting our delicate water supply, and making sure that women have the power to make their own healthcare decisions.

I am ready to do the hard work this will require and look forward to making real, positive change.

We can do this, Texas!

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