My Priorities

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Funding and Security for Public Schools

We are the second-richest state, yet are currently ranked 45th in the country for education funding. We spend more on prisoners than on students.

I will work to make sure that our schools have the funding they need to succeed right now, that teachers are paid what they deserve now and into retirement, and find revenue streams to keep this funding well into the future. I will also ensure that our tax dollars are not used to pay for students to attend private schools through the use of vouchers.


Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

 5.4 million Texans are one diagnosis or car wreck away from bankruptcy. No one should have to decide between their health and paying the electric bill.

We must accept the $3.5 billion (of our own tax dollars!) from the federal government and expand Medicaid. This will bring more money to our state, lower our property taxes, and provide a critical safety net to those that need it most.

We must also wield the power of Texas to negotiate with big pharma to lower drug prices for all drugs in order for them to do business in our state.

Modern Neighborhood

Smart Growth

We need to proactively fund and plan for infrastructure to ensure our state is prepared for today and the future. This includes more oversight and regulation of developments in our District, which are stressing the infrastructure and endangering our water supply.

We need to develop better public transit, including a light-rail system;  greenscape our cities; and build with climate change in mind.

Of course, we also need to fix our grid and prepare it for the future. This means weatherizing it and possibly joining with the national grid, which would save Texans money and ensure the lights stay on.

Proactive planning will save money and provide a higher quality of life.


Legalize Cannabis for Adults


Legal, Safe, Orderly Border

Mother and Daughter

Protect Women's Rights

Like a majority of Texans, I support the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. We could add over $1 billion in tax revenue, tens of thousands of permanent jobs, and more opportunities for farmers and ranchers.

We would save money by not prosecuting minor infractions, freeing up the court system to deal with real criminals. It would also provide a much-needed medical alternative to opioids and help treat Veterans with PTSD and chronic pain.

Legalizing cannabis and promoting its responsible use will allow us to invest in ourselves.

In order to ensure legal, safe, and orderly entry to our country, we need bipartisan solutions to fix our broken system - not political stunts that cost taxpayers billions of dollars. We need better technology to monitor the entire border and more processing capacity.

Our businesses are struggling with labor shortages while workers are struggling to make their way here. A guest worker program could alleviate these shortages and provide a productive path to citizenship. 

Women and girls deserve the right to make decisions regarding their own health, life, and future.